In 10 sessions you'll feel the difference, in 20 you'll see the difference and in 30 you'll  have   a whole new body.

Joseph Pilates

"I was in constant pain and was due to have a back operation for two prolapsed discs. I had had a number of crisis episodes of intense pain and acute numbness and I needed lots of osteopathic interventions and wore a TENS machine a lot.Working with Denise has been absolutely great. The  classes are small and she is really attentive to make sure we do the exercises properly. Classes are varied, different equipment is used and I've had really positive results. The reduction in my pain is significant and the bulging discs have reduced enough for my surgery not to be required.

For once I feel I have some control over my back issues"

Suzanna H (Beckenham)


 My classes are small with a maximum of 12 in a class so I’m able to move around the class and correct you individually. This will help you understand and make changes quicker and hence become stronger and pain free.



I supply all the equipment so there is no costly outlay at the start.



 I bring along a different piece of equipment to each class. Pieces of equipment include foam rollers, large gym balls, wobble boards, sit fits, weights, over balls, franklin balls, resistance bands etc. Equipment not only keeps the classes interesting but you will be able to feel movements in a different way and improve, strengthen and become pain free quicker.



 If you are a beginner I do recommend a 1:1 session. We can go over breathing, start positions and a number of the regular exercises and different pieces of equipment, so it’s not so over whelming when you start your first class. I also give a short posture analysis and give you tips on how to help your posture on a day to day basis which will help you reduce pain and enable you to get even more from your classes. This costs £50 and although is extremely useful is not obligatory.