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Try to be a rainbow in someone's cloud

Maya Angelou

"I was having to make 4-6 weekly appointments with the osteopath to have my back maniputated due to my hypermobility. My osteopath recommended pilates and Denise. Denise's teaching methods are excellent and she always makes sure that everyone is carrying the moves out correctly. She is very knowledgeable. The best results for me is that my spine is more stable and I don't have all the joint pain I used to have."

Sue J (West Wickham)



Back pain lead me to pilates where I learnt how my deteriorating posture contributed to my back pain. I studied this intelligent form of exercise and learnt how to rebalance the body and joints by using exercises to stretch and strengthen muscles. As posture improves and the body strengthens, things like back, neck and shoulder pain lessen and often disappear. I get tremendous satisfaction in helping people to understand how to take control of their pain, rebalance their bodies and become pain free.


 My first experience with Craniosacral Therapy was with my son, who as a young baby wouldn’t sleep, feed properly or stop crying. Craniosacral therapy helped relieve the tensions in his body from his very quick birth. He transformed into a happy, normal baby and  my sanity was saved. I started training in 2006.

I have experienced the transformative effect of Craniosacral therapy with  my clients many times, relieving stress and trauma in the body and hence reducing anxiety and pain like hip pain, frozen shoulder, chronic headaches and many more.


 In 2010 disaster struck our family and my daughter was diagnosed with cancer of the lymph nodes. I wanted to know why this had happened and how I could help my daughter fight this terrifying condition and prevent it coming back.

I started to research diet and cancer and was shocked to learn our common ‘5 a day’ diet wasn’t really healthy at all and some parts of it were actively detrimental to my daughters health. So began my journey into naturopathic nutrition where I’ve learnt how to use food as a medicine, helping to support the bodies different systems to achieve optimal health. Also how to use functional testing to see what is going wrong at a cellular and biochemical level and more important what to do about it when you have  this information.

I want to make sure my family and my clients not only have optimal health now but ensure their future is healthy too.